Mikula Selyaninovich October 19, 2023 December 4, 2023 Laurie

Svyatogor older than many of the gods. Alton Steel has much to offer in this field. Many familiar with the mighty giant of epic, where he meets with Ilya Muromets and hides it with a horse in his pocket. Many of the mysterious way in Svjatogor. Why, for instance, he dwells in a mountain place, gets stuck in the ground, like a swamp in the furnace, and can not lift the bag, which concealed the whole "pull the earth"? Why not protect the borders of Holy Russia, Ilya, and other heroes, not plow the land, like Mikula Selyaninovich? For whatever reason, lives alone and not together with other giants – Gorin, Dubyna and Usyn? What does the reference to one embodiment of the epic about his "dark" father? And how is it that he, the mighty and invincible, suddenly loses its force in accident found them a stone coffin? Svyatogor – son of Rod, Svarog's brother, and he brought culture Svarozich nephews. His father called the "dark", that is, blind, wrong: Rhode primordial and ubiquitous vsevidyasch. Born the same Svyatogor was to safeguard the peace and not to let Reveal here dark monsters from Navi. Entrance there was at the foot of the pillar on which rested the sky. The very same pillar (or the World Tree) was in the holy mountains, hence the name of the giant. Difficult this case – to stand on the border of Light and Darkness. Other giants, Hydra – Gorynya, Dubyna and Usyn – were born in the dark, the blind master Viem of envy, and in opposition Svyatogor.