Month: April 2020

Healthy Diet

"Change never occurs without inconvenience, even from worse to better." These words belong to the famous Dr. Johnson, applies to all changes in your life, especially when it comes to the separate power supply. But this inconvenience can be minimized, if you change your diet gradually. The decision to change your diet requires a change in all-in shopping list, in the supermarket and in your kitchen. By concentrating on one thing at a time, You agree to turn it into a habit. It's so easy! Start with step 1 and continue to work on it until it becomes a habit.

Continue to follow him, adding step 2, and so on. Step 1. Diversify your diet. Eat at least a 'solid', dense meal. Try at least three new dishes each week. Eat foods that have hitherto been rarely used. Step 2.

Focus on proteins. Eat at least six servings of fruits and vegetables, nuts and grains in a week. Make one of them is required (such as peas or beans) and eat a lot of greens. Step 3. Replace white bread black rye. Eat 3-4 servings of whole grain breakfast in a week. Step 4. Fight the visible fat. Clean off all the animal fat and skin (eg, chicken). If you eat margarine or butter, limit their number. Roast on a grill, bake, simmer instead of frying. Step 5. Get rid of invisible fat. Eat low-fat milk or low-fat percentage. Eat no more than 50 grams of cheese per week. Chips and crackers can be eaten only once a week. Eat at least two fish meals per week (from a white or oily fish). Step 6. Go back and review the steps 1-5 and make sure you stick to the basic plan. Do not overdo it with protein and does not cut all the fat too. Remember that all action should be! All of a separate food diet is based on the principle of diversity: the-bread- at least one serving a day-bean necessarily (especially peas and beans), rice and pasta, especially whole grains, and with minimal industrial processing, with a minimum of meat-fat-oatmeal and other cereals breakfasts;-skimmed milk, fish-and-white fat;-bird, but without the skin;-eggs-different fruits and vegetables, including potatoes. Source: Journal of separate meals for women

Stone Aunt Petunia

Also added to the following questions: Are you going to kill someone else of the characters? – Yes. Sorry … Will there be a sixth book, two chapters are called 'Lupin's Papers' and' Lovegood in court. " – No, I'm afraid this is a series of stories about Storge … October 5, 2004.

There was a lot of answers to the questions 'Open Letter'. In the Philosopher's Stone Aunt Petunia said that Lily came back from Hogwarts with pockets full of frogs, and turned the cup in rats. If so, why Lily did not rule? – Aunt Petunia slightly exaggerating. You have to remember its state when she began to shout the phrase. On the other hand, just as her son, Lily was ready for the Exploration of the Statute of Secrecy ramkok, so you can safely assume that she had received several warnings, though nothing serious. Did the character Hedwig H.

Ibsen (The Wild Duck) in your choice of owl Harry? – No, I have found the Holy Yadviga this way, St Hedwig – Hedwig is a saint, the Polish princess, his wife Henry the Bearded in the book of medieval saints and the year before it sunk in the name of my memory. This is important, you said that people can not cuts in / out Apparate / Dezaparirovat, other transfers to taste of Hogvarta. But as well – even Dobby can it? – House elves are different from mages, they have their own magic ability to appear and / fade out of the castle they need to perform their job if they want to ostavatsya invisible, as it should house elves.