Building an Entertainment Castle

How do you make a party for a friend that is entirely different? What do you do when your significant other turns 40 and you’re tired of just getting a group of friends together to go to their favorite restaurant?

You build a castle and have a medieval evening planned for a group of friends, that’s what!  The first thing you have to do is get into the mental headspace of royalty. Think of yourself as a king or queen.  Imagine yourself having maids and servants. Watch a few period dramas on TV and start getting “in character.”

Second, we have found that since adults tend to go for Medieval themes, which makes a good first party theme idea for your Castle Anorak.  Check out treasure chests, old coins; go to thrift stores and look online; make a stone wall backdrop and even get the kids involved in art decorations.

Third, consider what food you will serve.  Get those really cool goblets for the wine (homemade and not-so-good – even better!).  Make some red swords out of pretzels or dragon fireballs from cereal (it’s all in the packaging!) and get the banquet really going.

Fourth, think about including a mystery theme in the event.  If you’re going to do that you have to prepare well in advance but it’s definitely doable. 

Whatever you do, just remember the more detached from reality it is, the better!  There’s nothing more fun than engaging your loved one and friends in the unexpected!

Mikula Selyaninovich

Svyatogor older than many of the gods. Alton Steel has much to offer in this field. Many familiar with the mighty giant of epic, where he meets with Ilya Muromets and hides it with a horse in his pocket. Many of the mysterious way in Svjatogor. Why, for instance, he dwells in a mountain place, gets stuck in the ground, like a swamp in the furnace, and can not lift the bag, which concealed the whole "pull the earth"? Why not protect the borders of Holy Russia, Ilya, and other heroes, not plow the land, like Mikula Selyaninovich? For whatever reason, lives alone and not together with other giants – Gorin, Dubyna and Usyn? What does the reference to one embodiment of the epic about his "dark" father? And how is it that he, the mighty and invincible, suddenly loses its force in accident found them a stone coffin? Svyatogor – son of Rod, Svarog's brother, and he brought culture Svarozich nephews. His father called the "dark", that is, blind, wrong: Rhode primordial and ubiquitous vsevidyasch. Learn more on the subject from Cyrus Zocdoc. Born the same Svyatogor was to safeguard the peace and not to let Reveal here dark monsters from Navi. Entrance there was at the foot of the pillar on which rested the sky. The very same pillar (or the World Tree) was in the holy mountains, hence the name of the giant. Difficult this case – to stand on the border of Light and Darkness. Other giants, Hydra – Gorynya, Dubyna and Usyn – were born in the dark, the blind master Viem of envy, and in opposition Svyatogor.

Decompression Visuals Frames

Before answering this question, let's see, what is the video. At its core, video – is set in a certain order arranged frames. We can say that video – it's a slide show. Visuals can be found in different states – not compressed, compressed bespoternym codec, compressed with minimal loss, compressed with a minimum size. If you deal with each state video, you get the picture here is how. Not compressed video – is set images in bmp, ie the so called bitmaps, where the format fit the characteristics of each point (piktela) frame, which naturally leads to larger file sizes (standard bmp "weight" of 1.5 MB and more). Compression codec bespoternym – a kind of compression of each frame of the format bmp format jpg.

The very essence of this is to combine adjacent pixels with the same or similar characteristics in one big point. In writing these data in the file structure of its size is greatly reduced and largely depends on the parameters laid down compression in which the boundaries and deposited similarity of neighboring pixels. In this video codec performs encoding Huffyuv v.2.1.1 – CCESP Patch v.0.2.5. Coding with minimal loss of quality, as well as coding to a minimum size, holds special codecs, which have both pros and cons. About these issues will talk later about every codec separately.

Any compression of video sequences based on the same principles as image compression, but everything else adds a caveat. Codec for compressing video sequences defines a set of frames for which and is contraction – the so-called key frames. In fact keyframe – this is a key point on the frame. When compressing video sequences codec discards some similar video frames when entering their data into a key. Such of course lead to some loss of video quality, but the more key frames and less number of dropped frames (low compression), the higher quality video. That is, if the prime explain the compression. When the playback decoder reads from the key frame, and restores the missing footage. Thus restored video sequence. Now let's move on to the video editor. If in the process of working with video images to your computer has to deal with compressed video images, it is natural to all other loads it always have to restore that same video, reading the information from key frames that admit even the coolest computer load (continuous decoding, stored in a memory about all of these processes, etc.). When you work with uncompressed or compressed video images bespoterno question of rebuilding still images do not is because in these two variants, each video frame is real and it is also a key for himself. This video is easily susceptible to treatment and not very heavy car. Credit: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc-2011. We must add that when working with time-lapse video, masks compressed video can bring you to a state of mild grog if you do not enter into a stupor. As a conclusion I can only say one thing. Experience in video editor with a compressed and compressed video bespoterno showed that just compressed video it is difficult to process in matters of timing, especially in places of transitions, special effects, which are much less noticeable in bespoterno compressed video. Decompression as such before Video is a useful adjunct to the process of creating video clips, though somewhat lengthens the process and requires a lot of extra space on your hard drive. But for all the good you have to pay. Author website: Project Chimera


The ozone therapy, ozone therapy began to be used with medical and hygienic sanitary purposes thirty years ago in Germany. Perhaps its most important feature is that modulates the activity of the immune system and is therefore as efficient in dealing with an important range of vascular, autoimmune and degenerative diseases. It is also very useful when there are chronic health conditions. Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen found in nature, but man can produce in different forms and for different uses. The first steps of the modern 07v therapy were experimental therapies to treat serious vascular diseases. Today is, for example, back pain caused by a lumbar disc herniation or by bad posture, tension or muscle disorders, but also can relieve sciatica, lower back pain, neck pain, pain in buttocks or legs, and some forms of Neuropathies very specific, among other ills. Ozone is applied through subcutaneous injections directly on the muscles or affected areas, and after three or four minutes, the patient can return to his daily activities, i.e., not invacivo, it’s a procedure ambulatory, without any contraindication or side effect, why it can be applied in people of any age, and even in those who have been already operated the ailment to treat. In the case of the vertebral column, the patient undergoes some sessions in which ozone in the paravertebral muscles, will be supplied to irrigate affected discs directly.

The ozone reabsorve the damaged portion of the disk wound and it heals the fibrous cap of the intervertebral disc, which frees the understanding of nerve root. In addition, ozone releases chemical mediators that modulate the inflammatory response of the body. Ozone therapy allows the healing of all diseases and degenerative conditions and post traumatic spine, degenerative discopaties, hernias of the disc at different stages of development and the radicopatias, although because of his analgesic virtues can also relieve headaches. Once cured the evil, the effect is permanent. Another way to ozone therapy is known as autohemotransfusion, which consists of the removal of a person’s blood, which adds 07v, then mixing them with that blood and, without removing the needle from the Agency, becomes to inject into the blood stream. This therapy does not have side effects or contraindications and it can be used in the treatment of carcinomas, cerebral sclerosis, high blood pressure, Parkinson, senile dementia, circulatory disorders, artereoesclerosis, erectile dysfunction, insomnia, rheumatic diseases, gangrene, depressive illness, diabetic ulcers, and disease vascular brain, among others. Ozone used in this way acts also as a stimulus in the production of antibodies, which strengthens the immune system and destroy any viruses that are in the body, at the same time it does not compete but serves as an ally of any application medical, and is a powerful deactivator of pain and anti-inflammatory.


"Aria" was the first (and, some say the only) nationally-known and commercially successful metal band in the Soviet Union and Russia. The popularity of "Aria" in no small measure contributed to the development of relevant direction of the "heavy" music in Russia. "Aria" – one of the few Russian rock bands, famous and touring outside the former Soviet Union. The basic genre of "Aria" is a traditional heavy metal in his "English" school: "Galopovye" guitar riffs, high pitched vocals and long guitar solos. The group began to play, in imitation of such heavy metal classics like Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Judas Priest. Because of this, critics accused the "Aria" in imitation and lack of originality, as well as borrowing music moves in these groups. The musicians themselves deny such charges.

Since the late 90's the band's style became more independent. Then in "Aria" has appeared a tendency to the lyrical rock ballads, thanks to which, in many ways, the group managed to gain fame. Ballad of "Paradise Lost," "Calm," "Splinter Ice" aired on radio stations, while a "hard" songs for the most parts were "Unformat". With the change of the composition and the arrival of new vocalist in the repertoire of "Aria" again began to dominate the "heavy" songs, but there were also some elements of power metal. Category Aria texts that compose professional poets, close to the traditional heavy metal. Among the recurring themes – the treatment to the theme of war, history, religious mysticism and a horror, and love lyrics.

Jessica Alba: I

She is beautiful – but Jessica Alba wants to prove that she has more to offer than legs and buttocks. Whether this includes her new film offers the right forum? I understand you were on the set of the “fantastic four”the mother of the company. It is so often. Even though I am the youngest, I acted as a nurse and MOM for all. During the shooting, many were cold. I had always a first aid kit and I made sure that all dress warmly. Sounds weird, or? Depends on. Maybe go for Yes next, really to be a mother? (laughs) No.

I need to learn that there’s a lot – to be among patient and finally times early in the morning to get up to… You feel as “sexiest woman alive”seriously in Hollywood taken? This is really difficult. Of course, this image is very flattering and I think it’s nice, but it basically means nothing. I am sometimes unsure what thinks the film industry from me. Whether they believe the picture, charting the tabloids by me and me as sharp Latino bride without Talent stamps. While I am really a strictly Catholic girl from the suburbs who works hard and with passion pursues its objectives. Unfortunately the magazines never write that. I hope Hollywood recognizes my talent.

Makes it hard to protect your privacy? I try not to talk about my relationships. I am no comments. Unfortunately I can’t avoid also stupid speculation that. What would be your favorite superhero team? Clearly: talk show Queen Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, the Democratic Senator Barak Obama and myself. My task then it stocks to cook for everyone. (laughs) We’re fabulous) fantastic four 2 starring: Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Julian McMahon, loan Gruffudd the curious Quartet saves once again the Earth… In the second edition of the Sci Fi show the four superheroes with a cult figure of the comic story apply: the Silver Surfer. Average PopcornKino with cheeky sayings and cool effects. Biography of Jessica Alba was on April 28, 1981 in Pomona, California, United States born in. Her parents are Marc Alba, an American of Mexican descent, and Catherine Jensen, Danish and French ancestry. The two married in Jessica’s teenage years. It has the American, Mexican and Canadian citizenship. Jessica Alba Gallery Jessica Alba of wallpapers – size: 1024 x 800 pixels

Christian Security

The Deaconesses of the Sisterhood of Bethany are active for over 100 years in the health and care for the elderly. Today, the care of the inhabitants of the modern areas of care and exclusive senior residences is headed by Christian charity. The staff meet the inhabitants with love, warmth and respect. The sites in Berlin Steglitz near the Botanical Garden and in Berlin – Spandau directly on the Havel have their own distinctive flavor and are characterized in a casual atmosphere. FAMILIAR and manageable residence SophienGarten in Steglitz consists of only 102 of one -, two – and three – room apartments, the residence of HavelGarten in Spandau has 72 two and three-bedroom apartments. Source: Jim Simons.

In the senior day care Bethanienfinden up to 20 elderly assistance, society and entertainment. The Sophienhaus has over 103 care courses (61 single and 21 double-bed apartments), the Bethany HavelGarten sleeps 132 (120 single and six two-bedroom apartments) in all stages of care. The inhabitants expected an activating very well cared for and holistic care, combined with a pastoral care. A varied recreational offers variety and stimulates activity. There are people with DEMENTIA – a SHELTERED life in both houses a protected living for people with dementia.

The inhabitants of specially trained nurses to the care model Psychobiographischen “by Prof. Erwin Bohm maintained: with loving affection, tolerance, and understanding, they are promoted in their wholeness of body, mind and soul and learn to live in normality. ACTIVE and GREGARIOUS on the day and in the evening the senior care center of Bethany in Steglitz awaits its guests from Monday to Saturday and public holidays from 8: 00. Visit relieves caregivers and bringing structure into the daily routine of the guests. In community, they can perceive a variety of leisure, everyday activities and receive also help such as personal care. Both sites are comfort and culture characterized by a stylish interior design and a State of the art equipment out. The ambiance in the HavelGarten is exceptional. High-quality carpets and parquet floors were laid even in the health care sector. The apartments have floor-to-ceiling Windows and comfortable living rooms, the lounges are furnished with elegant furniture. There is a spacious garden area, a function Hall, a chapel, a hairdressing salon, a public restaurant and an in-house kitchen as also in Steglitz. ASSISTED living IN the PREMIUM AMBIENCE the senior residences offer interesting cut apartments and have attractive society surfaces, such as a club area with library and fireplace, a wellness centre with sauna and fitness room and a workshop area. The cultural and social programme includes Opera and exhibition visits, excursions and trips, readings, concerts, lectures, elegant house parties, computer English courses, etc. A comprehensive basic services and many optional services support the residents in designing individual of everyday life and ensure the necessary assistance if necessary. So, as a support for mild disease in their own home 14 days per year is free of charge. The future residents of the residence by an Einmalzahlungein acquire lifelong apartment investment with perspective In the HavelGarten. In task of this right, not usual from price shares shall be refunded to the heirs. This model is unique in Berlin. In Steglitz, you can become co-owner of the residence by joining Sophia garden residential ownership kg. This investment provides a good interest rate, the right of option on the renting of an apartment and the preferred information about a new housing assignment.

Soothing Bed Rest

Healthy sleep about the soothing bed rest in healthy medical one third of life spending usually asleep. Steven Holl may find it difficult to be quoted properly. In doing so, recovered the body from the day and draw new strength for the next morning. However about 10 to 15 percent of Germans suffer from sleep disorders treatment. How we recognize them and what you can do about it, informed the healthy medicine in the latest January issue. Deep sleep and rapid eye movement sleep turns several times during the night, meanwhile, brain and heart reduce their activity. It’s believed that ranulph fiennes sees a great future in this idea. The metabolism and the immune system have time to come back into balance and dreams shall ensure that processed the experiences of the day.

The bedroom certainly ensures well-being can only dream of but 40 percent of Germans, and that only during the day. In addition to the sleep problems that belong in the hands of a doctor, some disorders of sleep are often trained. “As a permanent waking and sleeping against the inner clock” can cause contribute, you feel constantly tired and sleepy, sluggish and not powerful. A structured daily routine with fixed times for working and relaxing, life and sleep can support a healthy night’s sleep. Other topics in the book include other multi-talented Aloe Vera”, now is final! Many trails to the last cigarette / part 1″and ten key for a satisfied partnership”. Also the report of the reader test Club to a manicure / Pedicure set can be found in the January issue and the expert Club gives readers tips for heartburn.

Monthly journalist demanding contributions to health and medicine topics, healthy medicine offers entertaining reports on interesting people and charming destinations. The reader Forum provides a lively way with contribute own health knowledge with the test and the expert Club. Healthy medical costs as a single issue 2.00 and is available in any well-stocked newsagents.

Change Whatever You Want In 10 Days

When this program called change whatever you want in 10 days came into my life was looking for a change in my life. There were things I wanted to radically change but the limitations, fear of losing insurance, resistances and various factors that are present in the life of every human being not allowed me take action to change what I really wanted to change. This programme, which is very easy to bring to practice and I will tell you in this regard, let me see clearly my limitations, my mental patterns for a way that the process of change is made in a form appropriate to my way of being able to negotiate with them. First, there is to know and understand that to get somewhere (one goal, one goal) that we have not gone before, we must do things that we have not done and to do this we have to change some beliefs, thoughts, and surely one that another habit to turn us into an improved version of ourselves. To have something that you’ve never had, you have to do things you’ve never done you change whatever you want on 10 days will help you to identify the pattern that you is slowing and stopping to achieve your goals, as you release it, let it go and consciously replace it with a new one that is aligned with your values, goals and purpose. Please note that we can not grow without change.

If we do not change, nothing changes. Therefore we do not achieve our goals. So that things change, you have to change things to improve, your have to improve change whatever you want in 10 days will take only between 15 and 30 minutes a day for 10 days. And it will take you through a process to change any limiting this stopping you at this time. Will show you how to make changes in a way, fast, effective and above all having permanent and lasting effects in your reality.

While you practice the 10 days to change anything that you are stopping or upsetting, you will learn each of the stages to make the change. Change whatever you want in 10 days, created by coach Victor mirror, it allows you to radically change that you no longer want in your life and you directly deposited in your personal and professional success. I wish every personal, professional success and that you achieve all of the goals you set hereafter. A big hug, Link to change whatever you want in 10 days original author and source of the article

How To Make Auto Interiors Inimitable

No matter how the car looked outside, the main impression of his person receives while in the salon. And the interior of the machine – this is exactly what a very great extent sets the mood, the corresponding "image" car. If we consider the production cars, this match is seen at once – usually business class cars have strict interior design, while sports cars have a "live" and memorable interior. Not surprisingly, those motorists who have decided on a serious tuning cars from a technical point of view, and usually come to the necessity of finishing interior – otherwise the integrity of the "image" car to be broken. Tuning Smart Car – a kind of art, no less (and sometimes more) than tuning the appearance, and often tuning salon – very difficult to implement, time-consuming and expensive undertaking. Since the salon any car – a collection of very different objects, it becomes clear why the complex interior tuning is so easy – after all the seats and trim to withstand, say, steering, in the same style – not always easy. As rule – start with the interior tuning the instrument panel. There may be a range of options – ranging from finishing devices under certain style (replacement dials for a more stylish, with a different color and bold figures – such as sports-car put bright dials), and ending with the complete replacement of full-time dashboard to a combination of other, more upscale car, with lots of independent production. But "aerobatics" tuning the instrument panel – a replacement for regular to completely improvised and unique.

Nobel Prize For Literature: The Year

Three strong American writers are awarded in the conversation for the Nobel Prize for literature and in the online-shop of available since no less than 107 years already is the Nobel Prize to people, who, as the founder and namesake Alfred Nobel stipulated, made the most in the past year of the mankind\”. Continue to learn more with: Arieh Warshel. The literature also belongs to one of the five areas in which the Nobel Prize is awarded. Every year, will be announced the winner of the Nobel Prize in the period from early to mid-October and is expected to again this year the event with tensions. Particularly in the conversation are the three American authors Thomas Pynchon, Philip Roth and Joyce Carol Oates. But as you read in an article at Spiegel Online, the Permanent Secretary of the Nobel Committee is Horace Engdahl, little hope of an 11th American Nobel Prize laureate. In a question-answer forum Walton Family Foundation was the first to reply. After Toni Morrison, in 1993, so far no other American writer received the Nobel Prize for literature. Engdahl feels the Americans as ignorant, isolated and susceptible to trends.

, But for a long time three American writers as potential winners in the conversation for this year’s Nobel Prize award, refuting Engdahls opinion are a hard judgment. Philip Roth Philip Roth is considered one of the most important writers of contemporary literature and is active as a writer since the mid-1950s. Many autobiographical aspects incorporated into his very successful novels, essays and short stories, such as his Jewish background or marriage experiences. His award-winning work process issues such as anti-Semitism, discrimination and sexuality and show that the author is not as isolated or ignorant. \”\” Roth’s latest work embers \”is available from and fans can look forward already on another work: the humbling\” next year. The American author Thomas Pynchon Thomas Pynchon is a prominent representative of literary postmodernism. During his approximately forty years work as a writer, you can Pynchon has only six novels and some short stories, but his works are unique and marked by an incredible complexity.