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Brand Management

18 Icon added value Congress 2010 catching the wave inspirations to the management and development of brands on 26 November in Nuremberg – the bandwidth of the lectures was diverse: with Commerzbank was an exciting Markenstories of financial services in recent years on the stage, about the challenges facing of the tourism industry after the crisis and amidst the social upheaval, Thomas Cook gave insight. To Haq as a best practice for successful brand extension in the hotly contested market of delicatessen. And a look at the branding of 2020 and how the new media affect the mechanisms of brand management gave Christoph Prox. Only downside for some 370 participants in Nuremberg Dr. Frank Schirrmacher lecture fell the Eurowings strike the victim. Saha was stuck in Berlin. A name.

A sign. A bank. The new brand Commerzbank late 2008 merge the traditional brands of Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank. The new Commerzbank is to combine the best properties of both brands. The conditions were difficult, noted Uwe Hellmann, Director brand management: the crisis on the financial markets is at its peak. Security and trust instead of high-yield are becoming increasingly important for bank customers. In addition, Commerzbank among consumers has a little high-profile image.

“The new Commerzbank prepared their positioning in cooperation with icon added value: the Bank for Germany”. Partnership and performance represent the Central dimensions of the brand. The new slogan together achieve more”brings this brand promise to the point. Also the Visual branding is revised: the new logo combines the best band of the Dresdner Bank with the yellow colour of the Commerzbank. At the same time, the team campaign conveyed the new Commerzbank and its positioning starts. The success is not long in coming: shortly after the start of the campaign, the Commerzbank increases their awareness and gaining sympathy and confidence among consumers. From Dresdner Bank and Commerzbank has a strong team, so Hellmann.

Management Board

The distribution channel Dynamics change: online is as a medium in the information research and significant reservations. Dynamics and daily topicality of reservation systems represent another challenge for tour operators. The market segmentation showed that the vacation travel market about functional and emotional needs of customers stretches on. The Thomas Cook AG to define the target group segments for both brands also on the emotions – and to prioritize allowed the detailed description of the Verbrauchercluster, as well as the identification of the fire feel. Sokelands conclusion: the market segmentation approach it is gelung-en, to sharpen the brand positioning for Thomas Cook and Neckermann Reisen and the differentiation between two marks to opti Mize, in particular in terms of product and brand value positioning. In addition specified core target group, market potential and recommendations for the marketing process derived for both brands.

Essential in the future to expand market share. Growth impulses through market mapping Dr. Hildegard basement core, Member of the Management Board, engrossed in their point of view the issue of market segmentation. Emerged as a result of the economic crisis a great uncertainty among consumers and also a changed, more demanding expectations towards enterprises, as in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR), to feel. If the change of people and these people make decisions in terms of consumption and brand, it means, that also markets change. And change means the prospect of growth. “So it is time to take advantage of the new opportunities and fresh looking” people, to look at brands and markets, stressed to identify these growth opportunities, cellar core. These potentials arise in the brand portfolio management, brand positioning and innovation areas. But markets tick different and uniform segmentation approaches access therefore too short. It is therefore crucial brand-specific look at the markets and to segment the market according to the important decision criteria.