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Perfect New Years Eve Party

The new ARTDECO party makeup ennobles the entire appearance. Learn more at: Steven Holl. Graceful, stylish and highly elegant: The new ARTDECO party makeup ennobles the entire appearance. The new products in silver, gold and the selected tones are interspersed with sparkling diamond glitter particles and fine shimmer. So, each will receive majestic magic beauty case to the personal treasure chest and the looks. \”Create the perfect glamour makeup with the new products of ARTDECO glamour Noblesse\” collection and the new year’s eve of makeup tips to the glamour look 2009 on artdeco.de. Here you also learn which products from the glamour of noblesse \”collection 2009 are needed for the glamour look and how you can conjure a dazzling glamour makeup with many other products in the blink of an eye.\” The ARTDECO new year make-up tips and products are the correct use of ARTDECO in detail described.

The basis for a sparkling appearance makes the eyeshadow base. If you have read about Vladislav Doronin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The neutral color primer prevents settling of eye shadow in the crease. It soothes redness with Bisabolol and protects with vitamin E. the eyeshadow can more easily apply and adhere better. Ideal for contact lens wearers.

The Glam Stars Eyeshadows glide like silk over the eyelids. Iridescent paints shine eyes in elegant shimmer. The glittering mineral mica can be bright colors light up and intensified the opacity of darker colors. Powdered minerals ensure a perfect grip and an evenly soft order. Keeping the eyeshadow beauty box Quattro Glam stars and the beauty are suitable for box duo Glam stars. The cans were designed stylish chic boudoir design. The elegant mirror box of the glamorous contains three Highlighter – and eye shadow powder highlighters. Her boudoir design finds himself inside the powder as a shimmering relief. The bright Apricotton is an ideal highlighter. The Brown and purple shades emphasize the eye make up expressively. In addition, the powders are fragrance free.

Long Hair With A Hair Extension

A hair extension helps quickly to long hair. Snip – Snip! A saucy short haircut is quite fast at the hairdresser. But what if you regret the step cut hair to have. What if you want to have very quickly back long hair? The natural hair growth is so slow that it takes years to achieve just the shoulder length again. Hair extensions that can be performed with different techniques are an alternative. Prerequisite for this is a hair length of at least 10 centimetres in which the hair braids or hair strands can be attached. The cost for a hair extension vary greatly, ranging from prices in the lower triple-digit down to several thousand euros, almost anything is possible. Depends on the price of the technology and by the quality of the hair.

Ideal for the make it yourself are the hair extensions clip hair cloth or hair clip. Important is, that one used real hair and around here good compromise between To quality and price, from European real hair is recommended. These come mostly from Eastern Europe and are very similar to the structure of the Central European hair. They are high enough not as high quality as Indian Temple hair, but with appropriate care of hair extension. Thanks to the possibility to use the hair braids with the clips themselves and prices of under 50 euros for the weft, one has a low-cost alternative to short hair or an expensive hair extension. The clip technique is suitable for example for special occasions but rather for the temporary extension. There are also other methods to the make it yourself, like for example the extension of hair with Microrings.