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2 stage: from Noosa to Rainbow Beach (approx. 170 km) of Noosa from Highway No. 1 directly to Gympie will guide you. From this place, you have the possibility to go to Tin Can Bay and Rainbow beach. ing the administrator. Should you have sufficient time, this trip will take you to beautiful, secluded beaches. 3 stage: From Rainbow Beach to Hervey Bay (approx. 120 km > route variations!) Hervey Bay is not only the starting point for the most Fraser Iceland tourists. Hervery Bay is worth a journey in itself with its small harbour and the beautiful resorts! Combipix Fraser Iceland Tip: Fraser Iceland is a day trip! Cars may not take day-trippers on the island! Combipix know that a day ticket costs after Fraser Iceland, as well as a food voucher, well over 100 Australian dollars, but you are worth.

All tourists would warn against the idea, to acquire only a ship ticket, then the island by foot to check Combipix (let us please! We have tried it and failed miserably). Fraser Iceland is considered to be the southern sphere of the world’s largest sand island! She deserves this name here! It is due to the width to one day do not manage to cross the island on foot. A “mission impossible” can be reached even the Lake MC Kinsey on foot, hot day temperatures. Combipix Health Tip: remember please to the three major “H’s” as well as a good pair of sunglasses and sunscreen with high protection factor! The solar radiation and temperatures on Fraser Iceland are very intense. Should sunbathe on a trip at the Lake MC Kinsey and later at the Pacific Beach hiking (which foresees each tour), get off a very high dose of Sun! Your list of things that you take for this day trip, should at least be: 1 x Hat / Cap; 1 x lightweight shirt; 1 x sunglasses; 1 x Sunscreen (high factor) 1 x 2 liters of drinking water per person.

1 x summer slacks; 1 x after-Sun cream 4th stage: from Hervey Bay to Bundaberg the city of Bundaberg and the associated coastal town of Bargara is situated approximately 55 km off the Bruce Highway. In addition to a flight Museum of aviation pioneer Hinkler and the rum industry, the city has to offer especially Stingerfreie (fire jellyfish) beaches. Further east of Bundaberg repo Beach from November waits an absolute highlight then on Mon March for all nature lovers. Sea turtles have installed the local beach as a nesting place for a long time in their family planning. You have the opportunity to come to take fabulous pictures up to a few metres on the large sea creatures up there! Photo instructions for this tour at a glance Sunshine Coast cities: Caloundra, Maroochydore, Coolum Combipix recommends that you located in the sunrise / sunset with your feet in the water to photograph along the beach! Noosa: Beach Noosa hills: vantage point, sunrise over the Sunshine Coast Highway: Distance signs with E.g. Cairns 1450 km, etc. Tin Can Bay and Rainbow Beach: lonely beaches Hervey Bay: Harbour, Pier, fishing boats and island Fraser Fraser Iceland Iceland: Jetty at low tide, small crabs at low tide, Lake MC Kinsey, tailcoats Bundaberg: rum factory Bargara: beach town of Bundaberg Mon repo Beach: turtles on the beach from November to March _