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Otherwise, you can choose any of the luxury Malta Hotels and visit the Spa yourself or perhaps a spa every day! To choose and participate in one or more treatments, as well as all day packages provided by a leading Spa Hotel Malta. Keep an eye to end of year party packages and as a romantic Duo, their and their packages in which couples can indulge in treatments from side to side in the light of the candles in the vicinity!If you are looking to relax and work out, gymnasiums and sports centres are also abundant, with popular classes including Pilates, dance, yoga, aerobics and kick-boxing, in different localities. During the milder season, excursions, bicycle tours and country are very popular, be fun and relaxing. There are also several opportunities for a wide variety of sports such as squash, climbing rock, paragliding, scuba diving, golf and even billiards. Malta Malta medical tourism is also increasingly a destination for medical tourism due to the significant cheaper the cost of treatment, as well as your and the perfect, ideal climate for recovery. Most Maltese specialists trained in Malta, Europe, the United Kingdom or the E.U and work in modern clinical professional, adhering to the EU’s rules and regulations. Cosmetic surgery is becoming increasingly popular around the world, and not least in Malta. As a result a series of procedures available on the island, including face currently lifts, rhinoplasty, put barriga, liposuction, breast, breast reduction increased, and others. Total, Malta is safe to adapt to any type of relaxation, beauty related with the, or a spa vacation.