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As a general rule: broad plates with comparatively small distance and a few spikes or edges for soft floors, narrow boards with greater distance from one another, more edges and multiple spikes for hard floors, sloped terrain or snow. The greater the distance between the plates are, the less can sit to the Bogiebander with mud, mud or snow and thereby increase the voltage, but at the same time reduce the traction. Bogiebander be purchased nowadays usually along with the tires. An estimated 30 per cent of all harvester and 50 percent of all forwarders take today in Germany at least partly Bogiebandern. Which is balanced according to retailers due to increased rolling resistance especially with wide plates caused higher fuel consumption: because driving without Bogiebander on soft ground the wheels sink deep into the subsoil and therefore need significantly more power to shut. There are calculations, proving that driving with Bogiebandern regarding the consumption of diesel is even cheaper than without.

The manufacturers, whose products are available even in Germany offer up to eight different types of Bogiebandern. Because they and the tire width, as well as their profile must be exactly matched, the product variety is astonishing and reaches a three-digit number respectively. Alone the eco-track”by the leader of Olofsfors is available in 45 different versions. In addition, that also the distance between the vehicle frame and tires must be observed: the band is too wide, is on the frame it hang and cannot be used. It is therefore very important to comply with the ordering process of the individual manufacturers, just to not accidentally purchase the wrong band.

You must to think about exactly which grounds the tape should be used. At a cost between 4,000 and 9,000 euros, not many foresters provide according to dealer information two pair Bogiebander to. Their durability very depends on the soil conditions: each abrasive it is, such as sandy soils, the higher the wear is. About 6,000 working hours apply as a rule of thumb, then they are worn. Bogiebander can be, worked through a time what will cost around 2,500 euros.