Volcano In Northern Bavaria Reactivated June 13, 2019 June 15, 2019 Laurie

Opening of the Volcano Adventure World Park stone from 7th July kidnapped a new Museum in Parkstein in the fascinating world of the volcanism. Already Alexander von Humboldt was once impressed by the high Park stone and made him as Europe’s most beautiful basalt cone”. And even today the particular geology of the mountain not only geoscientists. “” In the year of 2003 was the high Park stone”already a place among the 100 most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria”given that 2006 was awarded the predicate finally national Geotope’. A whole museum dedicated to their basalt cone now the town park stone. Under the slogan volcano adventure park stone “visitors can learn all about the exciting emergence of the mountain, the development of the eventful history of the city and modern life at the foot of the basalt cone. The overall concept includes also the three rock cellar, the GEO path and of course the real Park Steiner volcano.

In the permanent exhibition of the Museum are on a journey through time from the tertiary geological history Middle Ages up to the present day all the facts around Park stone and its volcanic cone entertaining and medially in three languages represented in German, English and Czech. As it comes to volcanoes in the Oberpfalz, what happened here in the Earth and find out how the unique basalt columns are created, visitors on the ground floor. The background to the outbreak, the solidification and the erosion of the basalt cone are explained in short film sequences. Exhibits of rocks and minerals give an idea of the inside of the volcano. The mighty mountain coined the place and its citizens since time immemorial and was the starting point for an impressive local history. Visitor experience on the first floor of stone Park in the course of time and immerse yourself in the colourful past with Castle, country judges, chaos of war and market rights.