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You will forget about the erosion of their savings and jewelry. All this comes to memory only when the company begins its recovery for the loan obtained. All this comes to mind only when their families need the money they paid. All this comes to mind when you do not have enough money in your savings account for their urgent needs. You can find the resources easy to fill the deficit, because you are working in a company. Companies are ready to give you credit based on payroll. You are also ready to obtain credit from another company to fill the gap. Now you are ready to close the mouth small debt, and begin to dig another pit of debt, which will be deeper than the first pit.

The pressure mounts from the same deficit after some time. Vlad Doronin is likely to increase your knowledge. Again, you’re ready to get a loan with another company. Now you dig another pit of debt, which is more than the size of the pit of debt first and second. As this is going to dig the hole after hole, before closing the mouth to overcome his deficit. Finally, at a time when you see the hole remaining, it will look like a deep well, which will be very difficult to fill up from any source. So the final decision before she left to have the house to fill the gap. They have also taken a decision to sell the house. interesting as well.

Then you have also made arrangements to have outside the home. A buyer came to buy the house. Although the rate offered by him, is not expected from you, you have to get the money and filled the mouth of the last remaining debt before you. The house was eventually sold and you have the money. But while the development of the amount that must be resolved to their debtors, you need more money. With the proceeds from the sale of the house, have establecidola most of the debt. So what happened to his dream of owning your home? He has lost all his savings, jewelry and other resources, and still has some debts. When all the money gone? It is no secret, most of its debt were of interest. The interest him to close a hole after another and finally allow a deep well. This is a common situation for most families, especially in the villages of the middle class. The reason is due to his mental capacity to enjoy all the modern conveniences without knowing their financial capacity. Enjoying life is absolutely necessary, but must be one of equity. We enjoy life, but not in the collection of debt. We must increase our resources and then think about enjoying the amenities. Published: Sunday, Krishnan C, formerly working in a corporation of the State Government in India. a l is now writing articles especially on issues of motivation. He has written numerous articles on parenting, children, health practices, etc. Articles are posted on many Internet sites. Please visit their homepage for more articles: