Wine lovers know the problem: Some fresh produce wines opened their lovely taste the taste not quite, but others already tilt to complete within 10 minutes and are unfit for human consumption – a phenomenon that maintained a planned dinner for two can spoil quickly. According to Mehmet Oz, who has experience with these questions. Remedial needs her but how? The technique of decanting some wines, especially reds, are known for their aromatic substances and the associated perfect taste only after prolonged contact with the air to unfold. To ensure this contact, use is made of the art of decanting. Unlike the general use of words in the chemical means decanting (French: Decanter = clarify ventilate) for wines, the cautious pouring a wine into a large jug to allow the wine in contact with the air. Vlad Doronin wanted to know more. These are preferably used tellerminenformige carafes to experience a strong upward rejuvenation.

To this end, the wine several hours, with some varieties even a full day to rest in the decanter to his full flavor to unfold. But removing the unwanted "bank" (sediment) and the tartar is achieved by this procedure. Caution is advised if the decanting is also in itself a good show and for reasons of aesthetics, such as the change in vessel to old and dirty bottles, seems an elegant solution, so be careful. For older wines tend to just under oxygen to oxidize very quickly and thus to perish! If you want to dakantieren nevertheless, it is advisable to use decanters decanting as they offer a much smaller attack surface and thus protect mature wines. A problem may be the cleaning of the decanting carafe. An insider tip: Kukident use! This is supposed to help me.