Month: October 2023

Mikula Selyaninovich

Svyatogor older than many of the gods. Alton Steel has much to offer in this field. Many familiar with the mighty giant of epic, where he meets with Ilya Muromets and hides it with a horse in his pocket. Many of the mysterious way in Svjatogor. Why, for instance, he dwells in a mountain place, gets stuck in the ground, like a swamp in the furnace, and can not lift the bag, which concealed the whole "pull the earth"? Why not protect the borders of Holy Russia, Ilya, and other heroes, not plow the land, like Mikula Selyaninovich? For whatever reason, lives alone and not together with other giants – Gorin, Dubyna and Usyn? What does the reference to one embodiment of the epic about his "dark" father? And how is it that he, the mighty and invincible, suddenly loses its force in accident found them a stone coffin? Svyatogor – son of Rod, Svarog's brother, and he brought culture Svarozich nephews. His father called the "dark", that is, blind, wrong: Rhode primordial and ubiquitous vsevidyasch. Born the same Svyatogor was to safeguard the peace and not to let Reveal here dark monsters from Navi. Entrance there was at the foot of the pillar on which rested the sky. The very same pillar (or the World Tree) was in the holy mountains, hence the name of the giant. Difficult this case – to stand on the border of Light and Darkness. Other giants, Hydra – Gorynya, Dubyna and Usyn – were born in the dark, the blind master Viem of envy, and in opposition Svyatogor.

Decompression Visuals Frames

Before answering this question, let's see, what is the video. At its core, video – is set in a certain order arranged frames. We can say that video – it's a slide show. Visuals can be found in different states – not compressed, compressed bespoternym codec, compressed with minimal loss, compressed with a minimum size. If you deal with each state video, you get the picture here is how. Not compressed video – is set images in bmp, ie the so called bitmaps, where the format fit the characteristics of each point (piktela) frame, which naturally leads to larger file sizes (standard bmp "weight" of 1.5 MB and more). Compression codec bespoternym – a kind of compression of each frame of the format bmp format jpg.

The very essence of this is to combine adjacent pixels with the same or similar characteristics in one big point. In writing these data in the file structure of its size is greatly reduced and largely depends on the parameters laid down compression in which the boundaries and deposited similarity of neighboring pixels. In this video codec performs encoding Huffyuv v.2.1.1 – CCESP Patch v.0.2.5. Coding with minimal loss of quality, as well as coding to a minimum size, holds special codecs, which have both pros and cons. About these issues will talk later about every codec separately.

Any compression of video sequences based on the same principles as image compression, but everything else adds a caveat. Codec for compressing video sequences defines a set of frames for which and is contraction – the so-called key frames. In fact keyframe – this is a key point on the frame. When compressing video sequences codec discards some similar video frames when entering their data into a key. Such of course lead to some loss of video quality, but the more key frames and less number of dropped frames (low compression), the higher quality video. That is, if the prime explain the compression. When the playback decoder reads from the key frame, and restores the missing footage. Thus restored video sequence. Now let's move on to the video editor. If in the process of working with video images to your computer has to deal with compressed video images, it is natural to all other loads it always have to restore that same video, reading the information from key frames that admit even the coolest computer load (continuous decoding, stored in a memory about all of these processes, etc.). When you work with uncompressed or compressed video images bespoterno question of rebuilding still images do not is because in these two variants, each video frame is real and it is also a key for himself. This video is easily susceptible to treatment and not very heavy car. Credit: Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc-2011. We must add that when working with time-lapse video, masks compressed video can bring you to a state of mild grog if you do not enter into a stupor. As a conclusion I can only say one thing. Experience in video editor with a compressed and compressed video bespoterno showed that just compressed video it is difficult to process in matters of timing, especially in places of transitions, special effects, which are much less noticeable in bespoterno compressed video. Decompression as such before Video is a useful adjunct to the process of creating video clips, though somewhat lengthens the process and requires a lot of extra space on your hard drive. But for all the good you have to pay. Author website: Project Chimera