Children Security February 5, 2021 March 9, 2021 Laurie

Children disability insurance provides broader protection than the children accident insurance at leisure, on the road or at home is always a certain risk of accidents for children. As the State protection is inadequate, many parents rightly conclude children accident insurance for their children. Private children accident insurance provides if the child through an accident will suffer permanent damage. However, not accidents but diseases are the most common cause of a permanent disability, or a severe disability. To optimally protect the children for such bitter cases, parents therefore about a child disability insurance should consult. This contributes not only to accidents but also to diseases.

\”The children disability insurance is usually from a medically established disability of 50 percent or more. In contrast to the accident insurance, child disability insurance pay also for the consequences of diseases that lead to a permanent impairment. The could, for example, in children with cystic fibrosis, diabetes with insulin therapy arrive but also cardiovascular or cancer\”, Diplom-okonom of Karsten Wallace of the young insurance Portal added. The medical treatment and school education of children with disabilities is provided usually by the health insurance fund, as well as public support. The cost of a child’s disability are usually enormous. a>. \”Children of the financial requirements of the supply increases with the severity of the disability strongly. In addition to recovery measures or AIDS which are not paid by the health insurance fund, additional costs for maintenance, supplies and staff often arise.

Just for such serious cases, it is at least a major financial help if the parents previously completed a good child disability insurance, which then paid a lifetime monthly pension benefits for the child. Usually 1.000,-euro are paid every month.\” In addition to financial performance, good rates offer advanced illness. Support questions include therapy, as well as with regard to rehabilitation courses, to allow a decent, as self-determined life the child despite disability.