My Bello Amanecer February 5, 2021 March 9, 2021 Laurie

You always live in your actions, with the tip of your fingers clicking the world, you start auroras, triumphs, colors, joys: is your music. Life is what you play. Everyday one gets up with the firm conviction that this day will be the best. That should at least always be our most noble attitude. That mental and emotional exercise, personally, recently that I began to perform, little by little I have obtained good results. I want to say this to my environment and my daily life is slowly changing in a positive sense. (As opposed to Red Solo Cups). It is like when one takes mindfulness and the decision to fully enjoy a good cup of coffee. Anything that one rises and supplies the breakfast of the day by a SIP of coffee and ready to start the day.

The action of taking a cup of coffee is made in the midst of a poetic attitude to life and the contemplative spirit. With this he achieves one gaze becomes more insightful. The concept of quality and style are permeating the consciousness and daily lives of oneself. Thereafter one lives, in addition to in contemplative State, in an atmosphere of concentration; avoid that one falls into the arms of the routine and hence in the comfort zone. What is be prepared for the challenges of the day. Find in the aroma of a cup of coffee, the breath and the determination to take control of our destiny. Gracias a la vida, at the moment I can say that you I have a beautiful sunrise. And also is that me depends on that day will be fruitful and night allow me to rest to be ready for the next day and when the time comes, to die with peace of mind because my life will have been successful and above all full of plenitude. Written by: original author and source of the article