Island Paradise June 9, 2019 June 15, 2019 Laurie

An island paradise that promises holidays on the footsteps of Christopher Kolumbus can be found off the coast of Portugal. Individual dream trips on the flower island of Madeira are originally and romantic way! Lonely mountains, steep cliffs, green terrace slopes, steppe-like headlands and idyllic villages guarantee a varied experience. Enjoy magnificent landscapes and partly deserted regions on Madeira. The locals call Madeira right floating garden’: dense forests, vineyards and fertile arable land set the scene, as well as Sun-drenched beaches and rugged mountain ranges. Admire the diversity of Madeira during a relaxing hike and let munden following regional delicacies and the famous Madeira wine.

Best time to travel through the very mild climate is similar to Madeira a large Botanical Garden therefore also known as flower island. In a Madeira travel should be addressed the varying climate: In the North of the island It often rains, the South is subtropical, warm. The ideal time for a holiday in Madeira is from May to October, when bathing in the Atlantic is possible. Madeira cultural and leisure activities until the 1970s was regarded as one of the poorest regions in Europe, now mainly the tourism has contributed to a significant improvement in the situation. His originality has nevertheless preserved Madeira and the craft of basket weaving or the traditional Azulejos, colorful ceramic tiles, mosaics are all over the place to see. In addition to cultural aspects, Madeira offers also many sporting activities: on beautiful hiking routes along the “Levadas” (irrigation channels) you can explore the sometimes austere, yet stunning landscape with unique plants and rare animals. The contrasts between the sea and cliffs are stunning.

Also the golf courses are located on Madeira ideal between rugged mountains and subtropical Green a pleasure for professionals and amateur golfers. Not too forget the extensive water sports on the coast of Madeira. The most beautiful cities and attractions of the peak of Madeira travel is the vibrant Island capital Funchal, which has retained its charm over the centuries and nestled in a sun-drenched Bay to the foothills of the mountains of the island. Visit the traditional flower and vegetable market, the botanical gardens, the Cathedral and the former Archbishop’s Palace, where today an interesting art museum is housed. Other attractions of Madeira are the lighthouse of Ponta do Pargo, the highest mountain Pico Ruivo and the natural pools in Porto Moniz. Or you can visit the neighbouring island of Porto Santo, which is known for its beaches, the ideal sailing conditions and the colorful small gardens. The House, in which Christopher Kolumbus who once lived, is located here. Fantastic accommodation the romantic island of Madeira boasts luxurious accommodation for every taste: beautiful, restored mansions in a panoramic position in the countryside, renowned luxury hotel with long tradition and dignified ambiance or spas pamper you according to all rules of the art. After an eventful day in the impressive nature of Madeira, enjoy comfort and first-class service. Madeira is an exuberant flowers, spectacular mountain and coastal scenery, idyllic places and an island city with colonial charm. Travel to Madeira relaxing days in accordance with the beauty of nature.