Marketing Department June 9, 2019 June 15, 2019 Laurie

How to free delegates sponsorship requests in future on the net! Not recruiting, dies. Is also sponsoring an advertising services and the Marketing Department of various companies groans under the weight of sponsorship requests. A problem the clever developer from Leipzig have taken on. Companies can refer in their sponsorship requests to the Internet and are there as a committed sponsor to see. The athletes are forced to log on to a platform (, and to maintain their own data there. The athletes are to adjust their data and their appearance some criteria in the obligation. So are comparable deals for the sponsor. This has advantages for companies: – the search will be cheaper – search is comprehensive – the search will be more accurate – the company presents itself just as a promoter – sponsorships are planned.

-The budget can be used more efficiently – sportsmen are prepared on a sponsorship deal registration on the platform is simple. Do not forget you should profile to fill in and to make a logo, otherwise it is as Sponsors not to see. For the future, you have a few delicacies on the Pan at A pool of ideas to expand from January 2011 offer. See our offer on the Internet at Mario Timmler