Join tsg – the final procedure to create a Homeowners Association, which consists of state registration of legal entity in the tax office. Before registering the hoa in St. Petersburg, you need to do a great deal of preparatory work. Before the registration of condominiums in St. Petersburg advisable to get legal advice on the procedure and rules applicable to the registration procedure partnerships. This will help you avoid errors and possible problems with disgruntled tenants. You must first determine the number of people in your house, which belongs to the apartment ownership. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cradle Systems and gain more knowledge.. This is in order, to determine the feasibility of establishing a hoa.

Next, you must hold a general meeting of homeowners. General meeting of owners held to decide on the establishment of HOAs and hoa approval of the charter. Availability such a solution is necessary for registration of housing cooperatives in the tax. If you want the meeting goes well, then to it must be carefully prepared. No less than 10 days prior to the meeting must notify all owners of the house. To do this, should be mailed to all owners by registered mail notice of the meeting.