Month: June 2019

Princess Aurora

I take the Golden wand and making a circle imagery in the air, he gave the charm and suddenly, silence gripped the place, nothing and nobody was moving, and all but all, they slept. In the surrounding area grew a strange and enormous forest, that with the passage of time, was hiding the Castle until they no longer could see it is. When passed a hundred years, a Prince who was going through the place, found itself with that immense forest that I draw the attention and decided to move forward is making headway with his sword. But the forest was very dense and decided to return, when suddenly through the branches he could see the huge Castle and went ahead. Upon arrival he saw that the drawbridge was down, as if someone was waiting for him.

Under the horse and walk along the animal taking him the reins. When he entered he saw everyone lying on the stairs, in the hallways, in the patio and thought horrified that they were all dead, but he was slowly approaching them and could see that everyone was deeply asleep. Awake! Awake!, he shouted again and again, but no one answered him. Increasingly surprised, income in the interior of the Castle until he came to the room where descanzaba the Princess Aurora. For a long while he contemplated the serene face of the beautiful young woman who slept filled with peace. Then he felt born in your heart the love that had always hoped. Excited, he approached her, took his hand and gently kissed her.

With that kiss the Princess is yawned and opened his eyes, awakening from its long sleep and to see the Prince, muttered: ye have finally arrived! In my only dreams expected this time. The evil spell was broken. The Princess stood up and extended his hand to the Prince. At the same time everyone in the Castle woke up. Everyone stood, looked surprised and wondered what it was that had happened. When they realized, they ran full of joy next to the Princess who was more beautiful and happier than ever. Shortly after, the castle which had been so long immersed in silence, recover joy. Was filled with music and laughter, because all were prepared for the wedding of Aurora and the Prince. The end. Dedicated to Agustina and Sofia.

Royal Tunbridge Wells

It seems that everything is ready for the next and most anticipated cycling event of 2007, which will take place in Britain. The Tour de France is the tournament of cycling more known in the world, which covers areas both in France and in some neighboring countries, in a race that lasts three weeks. This year the opening ceremony will present the teams in Trafalgar Square. The race will start on July 7, in a round of 8 kilometres in Central London, where riders depart from the ramp in Whitehall, to then cross some of the best-known places in London, as the houses of Parliament (Houses of Parliement), Westminster, Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Wellington Arch, Hyde Park, and finishing in the Mall. Sunday, July 8, the first stage for the participants will be in the Centre of London where drivers will depart from the Mall via Admiralty Arch, continuing towards Thames, passing by the famous Tower Big Ben and the houses of Parliament (Houses of Parliament). Then cross the River Thames, competitors should be directed towards the London Eye, to take the road to the St.

Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower of London. The race will continue in London Bridge, through Bermondsey and Deptford to Greenwich, which will have to cross the incredible line of Greenwich mean time. Later, shall cover the following areas: Woolwich, Abbey Word and Erith. Outside London, some points of the route are Gravesend Medway, Castle and Rochester Cathedral, Midstone, Tonbridge, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Tenterden, Ashford and finishing in Canterbury. Finally and after glancing at the journey, as well as the first stage of the 2007 Tour de France will take place. We can only imagine so exciting it may be and the panorama: very impressive

Volcano In Northern Bavaria Reactivated

Opening of the Volcano Adventure World Park stone from 7th July kidnapped a new Museum in Parkstein in the fascinating world of the volcanism. Already Alexander von Humboldt was once impressed by the high Park stone and made him as Europe’s most beautiful basalt cone”. And even today the particular geology of the mountain not only geoscientists. “” In the year of 2003 was the high Park stone”already a place among the 100 most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria”given that 2006 was awarded the predicate finally national Geotope’. A whole museum dedicated to their basalt cone now the town park stone. Under the slogan volcano adventure park stone “visitors can learn all about the exciting emergence of the mountain, the development of the eventful history of the city and modern life at the foot of the basalt cone. The overall concept includes also the three rock cellar, the GEO path and of course the real Park Steiner volcano.

In the permanent exhibition of the Museum are on a journey through time from the tertiary geological history Middle Ages up to the present day all the facts around Park stone and its volcanic cone entertaining and medially in three languages represented in German, English and Czech. As it comes to volcanoes in the Oberpfalz, what happened here in the Earth and find out how the unique basalt columns are created, visitors on the ground floor. The background to the outbreak, the solidification and the erosion of the basalt cone are explained in short film sequences. Exhibits of rocks and minerals give an idea of the inside of the volcano. The mighty mountain coined the place and its citizens since time immemorial and was the starting point for an impressive local history. Visitor experience on the first floor of stone Park in the course of time and immerse yourself in the colourful past with Castle, country judges, chaos of war and market rights.

Hearing Impaired

The castle of San Jorge in Triana, headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition from 1481 to 1785 and current Museum just a few minutes from Hotel Monte Triana, one of our hotels in Seville, has begun offering an audio guide system for hearing impaired.Audioguides for hearing impaired in the castle of San Jorge this new system for visitors consists of a few tablets in which the user can view a video and read the descriptions and specifications of the virtual Guide. They are specifically five tablets of 7 which also displayed the explanatory text in five different languages. For this purpose, has counted with the help of the Cultural Association of deaf people of Seville, which has provided the service of interpreters of sign language to be able to produce the videos. The castle of San Jorge consists of different rooms where visitors can learn the history related to the place of a sensory and experimental way. In addition, intends to make a contemporary discourse in which timeless concepts such as repression, bigotry are updated and intolerance. The archaeological crypt located in the basement of the plaza de abastos de Triana houses walls and pavements of the era tapiales that delimit some rooms of the fortified complex that was the headquarters of the Tribunal of the Inquisition.

Don Quixote

They were to them watching all whatever had in the place. Don Quixote raised the eyes and saw good Sancho who advised to start off. Parecile well the advice to Don Quixote, was armed of all arms and taking from the rein to Rocinante and Sancho of the halter of its ass, they left the town back and they began to walk by one montauela that to such hours was an uninhabited one. Desesperbase Don Quixote, to take way, but was the will of Rocinante to revive so many enemies would have between the shades, grandsimo silence, and of there the scent to stone sulphur that put terror to any other heart that not outside the one of Don Quixote. Yet that, nothing it could instill fear, at the most it was, Sancho he saw that his master was customary to similar events. They arrived, on the foot of a high meadow and of there Don Quixote it walked watching all parts to see if it discovered the castle of its lady, but it saw not far from the way by where it went, a stopped bad hut. Dise haste to walk, the time played in favor of villain, was the battle of the good against the evil. But it would arrive in time to discover to that one prince next to Dulcinea in the best thing of a talk. Venia with the full soul of imaginations and not towards but watching to him and remirar to him and to return to him to watch from top to bottom; and after it had watched well him, embraz its shield, took its lance and left to the front without titubear. It was a day of the months of summer, was so it said: – By the way Sir, whoever that you are, that I do not know you and will ask you say who you are and the cause to me that has brought to you to live near my loved Dulcinea.

Pedro Rovira

The first to give protection to the Aragonese King Ramiro, was Pedro Rovira, a master orders of Zion and the Temple, who incidentally preceded Arnau de Torroja in the post of master of Provence and all Hispanic lands (1143). Maestre Provincial in the Catalano-Aragonese Crown charges from 1159 were on: Hugo de Barcelona, succeeding Geoffrey Hughes in 1163. In 1166 he was appointed Arnau de Torroja, being in the next two years the Aragonese Knights Templar definitely participating in the conquest of the Mediterranean coast, as in Caspe and Alfambra, Castle is at 1170 would be donated them. Greatest benefit represented them the granting of his independence from any other jurisdiction political-religious except the Supreme Pontiff of Rome (1172). In 1176 the Aragonese and Castilian Templars also collaborate in the conquest of Cuenca.En 1181, when Arnau de Torroja was appointed Grand Master, residing in Palestine, the provincial of Catalonia/Aragon was Berenguer de Avignon.

Two years later they were respectively guy of Sellon and Ramon de Canet and in 1185 was Guilabert Errall. Master of province: MANDATOPere Rovira Nov. duration 1143 to January 1158Hug of Barcelona from 1159 to April 1162 Geoffrey Hughes, may 1163 to Torroja Oct. 1166Arnau 1166 to March 1181Berenguer April 1181 Avinyo to Sellon April 1183Guido March to June Canet Nov. 1183ramon 1183 a. July 1185 Pedro Rovira was the first who took the nickname of provincial master of the order of the West. Logically Arnau, to succeed him, continued on the same line of protecting the Earl catalano-Aragonese when I needed it, and probably did more than Rovira, Ramon Berenguer IV being its natural ruler. When the King Ramiro de Aragon decided to consolidate his friendship with the courts of Barcelona and the Languedoc (1139), King of Castile, seeing that the Aragonese had signed the Concorde with Ramon Berenguer III, he left so resentful Zaragoza, who a year later still signed as King of Zaragoza to offend as it were to the count of Barcelona.

White Nights In St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg: a city to love St. Petersburg… A mysterious city in the North of Europe, which has been through a lot and seen in about 300 years of its existence. This city built on marshy ground, survived 3 revolutions and its majestic beauty radiates still with palaces, magnificent buildings and castles several wars. The best time is to experience St. Petersburg in its full glory, during white nights. Many have heard of it, but saw only a few: each year St. Petersburg of phenomenon unique and incredible experience.

This miracle of nature, called ‘White nights’, that one is to admire in summer months, you can explain scientific: St. Petersburg is located on the 60 latitude as the southern part of Alaska and the southern tip of Greenland. In the summer months, the location of the Sun is so that it down is not correctly. Shortly before midnight, it begins to dawn in St. Petersburg and the city is bathed in a silver white light. For this reason, it was Natural spectacle known as ‘White nights’. Twilight lasts for about five and a half hours and starting at four o’clock in the morning, the Sun has again its full radiance.

You can admire this miracle of nature’s best in June/July and attracts thousands of tourists, if you planning a trip to Russia, you must care early enough to hostels and hotels in St Petrsburg. St. Petersburg is a romantic city, not for nothing it is called Venice of the North. Thousands of tourists and lovers are attracted by the magic of the sky over the Golden domes of the imperial city and enchanted by the magical light of this city. The magnificent city on the Neva offers much to see: to sleep, it’s just too bad. St. Petesburg has to appreciate this phenomenon and offers a unique spectacle for his visitors.

Jutta Schutz

This nutrition could reduce many drugs. Diabetics are still played down drugs by the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, has long been known that they can also lead to death. Commercials with drugs appear in many television stations, where the Viewer is faked, these chemical bombs are as harmless. That people from the pharmaceutical industry on the Board of such stations are only a few of the spectators know. Similarly with different magazines.

Cigarette advertising is banned! Would have to be still banned: advertising for medicines, sweets, alcohol, finished products, and many supposedly healthy foods. It should be shown only advertising for natural foods. What mother I know that in the famous soft cuts, that is also good for adults, is alcohol? But what mother gives her child alcohol voluntarily? Paradox or what? What normal citizens also know that for example cholesterol levels were used in 20 years extremely upwards, so that the new cholesterol-lowering drug tablets, which came on the market, could be sold more often! Question: With so many new, thousand end super great drugs people need to become healthier but why are the diseases of civilization then increasing? Diet products are recommended, you should eat low fat! There are more and more low-fat products as natural foods in the supermarkets for many years, but the man is getting fatter and fatter. There are more and more products with carbohydrates for over 30 years, meat and fat is unhealthy! But why is the man still getting sicker? Fat is to blame for the high cholesterol! It is known that it is not fat, but for many years many carbohydrates. What diabetics know that blueberries taste not only delicious, they are also good for our health. Long proven they have in treating diarrhea. Now, new research has shown that the blue Berry who may also have a positive effect for overweight diabetes risk candidates because it improves insulin sensitivity and so can help to prevent a type-2 diabetes.

For example, endurance sports (approximately 3 times the week of 45 minutes) reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Low carb lowers also the blood sugar levels and blood pressure. A diabetic, and also all the other sick, should learn not only about taking their medications, but make a genre, and also thinking about an alternative treatment. Company information: Jutta Schutz (writer/author, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge.

Island Paradise

An island paradise that promises holidays on the footsteps of Christopher Kolumbus can be found off the coast of Portugal. Individual dream trips on the flower island of Madeira are originally and romantic way! Lonely mountains, steep cliffs, green terrace slopes, steppe-like headlands and idyllic villages guarantee a varied experience. Enjoy magnificent landscapes and partly deserted regions on Madeira. The locals call Madeira right floating garden’: dense forests, vineyards and fertile arable land set the scene, as well as Sun-drenched beaches and rugged mountain ranges. Admire the diversity of Madeira during a relaxing hike and let munden following regional delicacies and the famous Madeira wine.

Best time to travel through the very mild climate is similar to Madeira a large Botanical Garden therefore also known as flower island. In a Madeira travel should be addressed the varying climate: In the North of the island It often rains, the South is subtropical, warm. The ideal time for a holiday in Madeira is from May to October, when bathing in the Atlantic is possible. Madeira cultural and leisure activities until the 1970s was regarded as one of the poorest regions in Europe, now mainly the tourism has contributed to a significant improvement in the situation. His originality has nevertheless preserved Madeira and the craft of basket weaving or the traditional Azulejos, colorful ceramic tiles, mosaics are all over the place to see. In addition to cultural aspects, Madeira offers also many sporting activities: on beautiful hiking routes along the “Levadas” (irrigation channels) you can explore the sometimes austere, yet stunning landscape with unique plants and rare animals. The contrasts between the sea and cliffs are stunning.

Also the golf courses are located on Madeira ideal between rugged mountains and subtropical Green a pleasure for professionals and amateur golfers. Not too forget the extensive water sports on the coast of Madeira. The most beautiful cities and attractions of the peak of Madeira travel is the vibrant Island capital Funchal, which has retained its charm over the centuries and nestled in a sun-drenched Bay to the foothills of the mountains of the island. Visit the traditional flower and vegetable market, the botanical gardens, the Cathedral and the former Archbishop’s Palace, where today an interesting art museum is housed. Other attractions of Madeira are the lighthouse of Ponta do Pargo, the highest mountain Pico Ruivo and the natural pools in Porto Moniz. Or you can visit the neighbouring island of Porto Santo, which is known for its beaches, the ideal sailing conditions and the colorful small gardens. The House, in which Christopher Kolumbus who once lived, is located here. Fantastic accommodation the romantic island of Madeira boasts luxurious accommodation for every taste: beautiful, restored mansions in a panoramic position in the countryside, renowned luxury hotel with long tradition and dignified ambiance or spas pamper you according to all rules of the art. After an eventful day in the impressive nature of Madeira, enjoy comfort and first-class service. Madeira is an exuberant flowers, spectacular mountain and coastal scenery, idyllic places and an island city with colonial charm. Travel to Madeira relaxing days in accordance with the beauty of nature.

Marketing Department

How to free delegates sponsorship requests in future on the net! Not recruiting, dies. Is also sponsoring an advertising services and the Marketing Department of various companies groans under the weight of sponsorship requests. A problem the clever developer from Leipzig have taken on. Companies can refer in their sponsorship requests to the Internet and are there as a committed sponsor to see. The athletes are forced to log on to a platform (, and to maintain their own data there. The athletes are to adjust their data and their appearance some criteria in the obligation. So are comparable deals for the sponsor. This has advantages for companies: – the search will be cheaper – search is comprehensive – the search will be more accurate – the company presents itself just as a promoter – sponsorships are planned.

-The budget can be used more efficiently – sportsmen are prepared on a sponsorship deal registration on the platform is simple. Do not forget you should profile to fill in and to make a logo, otherwise it is as Sponsors not to see. For the future, you have a few delicacies on the Pan at A pool of ideas to expand from January 2011 offer. See our offer on the Internet at Mario Timmler