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Delivery of the goods receipts in the Biberach plant are now electronically collects and manages efficiency boost in the overall process for purchase-to-pay Biberach / Neu-Isenburg, October 23, 2009. The pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced the delivery note cockpit by ReadSoft to the location of Biberach. With the software the company reduces the processing and research of delivery notes. Abolished the archive folders before the documents were filed in which were therefore in the meantime. The Clipboard is now solely in an electronic archive system used in the company, for example, even for the archiving of invoices.

To reduce communication overhead when packing slip requesting overall, the most essential objective was for the project team. After a calibration scan all delivery staff in receipt with the goods and forward them for questions via workflow tool to the contact person. As index information, the order number from the document is read out automatically. More information for later Research in the system on the screen are completed and the goods receipt in SAP booked software system. Several tens of thousands of non-GMP and Biberach are captured every year at the site GMP commodity inputs. The term GMP stands for good manufacturing practices (good manufacturing practice’).

He referred to various national and international regulations, the manufacturer undertake to comply, and among other things relating to the documentation of processes and traceability of the production of used substances. The introduction of the delivery note cockpit is a milestone in the efforts of Boehringer Ingelheim, to make the processes of obtaining consistently electronically until payment (purchase-to-pay\”). An automated invoice processing on the basis of ReadSoft invoices, invoice cockpit and Web cycle has been implemented successfully in 2005. There are no statutory requirements, which details must include the delivery notes. For this reason often essential data is missing questions regarding delivery, what made necessary. In the past, they were always by phone.