Plugs of barbecue is a cultural mix together the culinary traditions of the South of USA and Northern Mexico, the delicious flavor of a barbecue of beef here joins with its respective sauce and the magic of some excellent 100% Mexican tacos. Here we will teach you to prepare this delight that you surprised the people who surround you and you win the popularity in your social circle with good taste, taste, colour, smell and any gastronomic quality that can expect to find: ingredients: * Tortillas for tacos, of your choice * of 2 to 3 pounds of ground beef * BBQ sauce, of your choice * ingredients for tacos as onion, cheese and tomatoes * lettuce * hot sauce to taste for everyone, it is not needed nor the recipe preparation requires: * Cook ground beef. * Cooking the tortillas, brown them slightly so that they do not put stiff and toasted. * Remove meat from grill when you create it is thoroughly cooked. * Add 12 ounces of barbecue sauce to the meat. * Chop other own Taco ingredients. * Add meat to your block, and then add ingredients. ** Add hot sauce according to your taste.