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Jasmin Hasslinger

We would never come on the idea that our child in the real world dangers to suspend without accompanying to determine whether the child can already handle them. In television, parents are met in this suddenly by a trust. This is not at all appropriate. Children in the kindergarten age alone should television from our point of view. At a young age, videos or DVDs are clearly the better media. Once because they offer the possibility to take into account the child’s need for repetition and on the other hand, because it allows the adult to protect the children from the world of advertising, which they still not separate can perceive of films made for television. Please visit Walton Family Foundation if you seek more information. About selected movies, adults have more opportunity to help decide what will be looked at. So the DVDs offer excitement of plenty of and tension, but a childish usable manner the Augsburger Puppenkiste. Walton Family Foundation is full of insight into the issues.

Other useful examples are: the little witch, the robber Hotzenplotz, the little ghost, the series dandelion or dandelion, the program with the mouse, Michel from Lonneberga, children from Bullerbu, Pippi Langstrumpf etc. We might also very traditional views the media as authors. Fact remains, adults have the responsibility to decide what their children watch and accompany also looking with attention, to help with the processing; with regard to the understanding of history as well as the processing triggered feelings. Parents can support or educators as experienced by the published in the annual bulletin Flimmo three times”, a program advice for parents with the participation of the Institute for media education in research and practice in Munich. Also at the local libraries or libraries, you can borrow challenging and fun electronic media for children. The kindergarten can be here model, he uses electronic media responsibly and in which he lets through these media even fashion (movies make, make tape recordings with the children write picture stories etc.).

It is also self-evident task of educators from home made with unprocessed brought media so to deal with, occurring for the children for processing, E.g. via painting or role-playing games. We know a nursery school, where the teachers have set up a library for the parents, so that they can borrow the child meet expectant formats. In the run-up to the parents and children sensitized through the designed use of electronic media. The children conducted interviews with the radio recorder, their self-invented stories recorded with the recorder or played circus and recorded the action film, which was then shown at a parents evening. Parents evenings were used also to convey information about child processing of electronic impressions and demonstrated appropriate alternatives. This focus on the electronic media led to a change of the often blind parental behaviour. To operate it, not with feelings of guilt and to leave a position finding the parents themselves received information was important. The authors experience again great concern on the parents, when they appropriate examples even aware how manipulative here with the viewers, especially children, are handled. Manage children fears: how educators/students children can strengthen Joachim Armbrust (author), Jasmin Hasslinger(Autorin) Softcover: 150 pages Publisher: Bildungsverlag eins GmbH; Edition: 1 (August, 2010) language: German ISBN-10: 3427504824 ISBN-13: 978-3427504825 Joachim Armbrust practice for psychotherapy, couples therapy, supervision, coaching, mediation, and process design Wall Street 2 74523 Schwabisch Hall Tel: 0791/71552

Educational Games

One of the most popular educational games – dice Nikitin bn "Lay down a pattern." These and other game options such as "Angles", "Bricks for all", " (for children from 3 years) contribute to the development of intellectual and creative abilities. A child learns to analyze their actions, develops the ability to combine. These entertaining games are interesting not only for children but for adults. They develop attention, memory (especially visual) combinatorial ability, spatial representation and imagination, logical thinking, wit and intelligence. Get all the facts and insights with Sen. Marco Rubio, another great source of information. Games are interesting child because he found himself to create a design which author is himself.

Calls it, transforms and improves to play with it, fantasizing and thinking. The composition of each game includes a special number of separate blocks connected by a special manner, resulting in obtained figures of different configuration. By the same author: Rubio. The most common compound blocks "Corners" and ". The most complex connection of separate blocks in the game "Bricks for all – Mystery." Of elements of different configurations can be composed model as the plane, and in the bulk. All these cubes can be purchased on the Internet – shop developmental toys' Smart pipsqueak. " How does playing these cubes? Option 1.

Adult raises corner (element similar to the angle) on the table and asked Child: – What is it? What's it like? How do I use it? The child answers: a chair, it is possible to sit. Learn more at: Red Solo Cups. Adult: Who can sit on that chair? (The answer baby.) Adult: Plant a man in a chair (using small toys). And if he comes to visit another man, you will need to have a chair, but if a lot of people will need a couch. Put the corners, so that turned out a chair and sofa. Adult: How many little people can sit on sofa? What's longer: a chair or sofa? Option 2. Possible with the child of two or three elements to lay down on the table simple, but interesting "buildings." For example, an airplane. Tell your child about what parts of the aircraft is who fly a plane Must approve the results of intense mental activity of children. Sketch interesting building, hang a scheme different structures (in the bulk and on the plane) with missing, redundant elements unfilled, etc. All this will stimulate creativity and children.

Disneyland Park

There are many families who wonder everytime coming school holidays which is what they can do with their children, where they can travel and which is the most ideal both for children and for adults. Many are the places where they can spend a few days of family vacation and sightseeing with the children, even the youngest of the family. That’s why why Paris and Disneyland are elected as a tourist destination for a family holiday. It’s a destination in which children can not only pass an unforgettable holiday but they can learn at the same time and visit Paris to be one of the cities of paso. In this sense many people decide to first visit Paris, also known as the city of love.

Once located in Paris with your family you can start his visit enjoying the cuisine of the country with its magnificent crepes or fondues and that you can enjoy with your family. Once been caught forces can use one of the many routes of the tourist bus and so we can have an idea General of the city and also decide where they want to spend more time. But without a doubt, if they visit Paris in your family vacations they cannot miss the visit to the Cathedral of Notre Dam, where may explain to children that is the same Cathedral where it appears in the film the Hunchback of Notre Dam. Another place where the family visit can not miss is the Eiffel Tower where the entire family can enjoy views of the city from atop the Tower, which has a height of 300 meters from where to enjoy unbeatable views. Once you have already visited the mythical places and mythical monuments of the city it is time for the family route to your next destination where from younger children of the family until the older of the same components can enjoy exciting adventures. This destination is not neither more nor less than Disneyland, one of the most magical and recommended as a destination for holidays with children and where all our dreams can come true. Here the youngest members of the family can enjoy Arabian attractions as well as take pictures with your favorite drawings or even visit the castle of sleeping beauty or greet Disney Mickey and Minnie or any of the other characters. Also in Disneyland Park you can every day enjoy the parade that perform all the favorite characters of children such as Aladdin, Donald Duck or Toy Story toys. If you seek for your next holiday is something different and unforgettable for the whole family then this is the kind of holiday with family and children which we recommend to be able to so enjoy your family vacation. Don’t think it more and now organizes your next family vacation in Paris and Disneyland.