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Jutta Schutz

This nutrition could reduce many drugs. Diabetics are still played down drugs by the doctors and the pharmaceutical industry, has long been known that they can also lead to death. Commercials with drugs appear in many television stations, where the Viewer is faked, these chemical bombs are as harmless. That people from the pharmaceutical industry on the Board of such stations are only a few of the spectators know. Similarly with different magazines.

Cigarette advertising is banned! Would have to be still banned: advertising for medicines, sweets, alcohol, finished products, and many supposedly healthy foods. It should be shown only advertising for natural foods. What mother I know that in the famous soft cuts, that is also good for adults, is alcohol? But what mother gives her child alcohol voluntarily? Paradox or what? What normal citizens also know that for example cholesterol levels were used in 20 years extremely upwards, so that the new cholesterol-lowering drug tablets, which came on the market, could be sold more often! Question: With so many new, thousand end super great drugs people need to become healthier but why are the diseases of civilization then increasing? Diet products are recommended, you should eat low fat! There are more and more low-fat products as natural foods in the supermarkets for many years, but the man is getting fatter and fatter. There are more and more products with carbohydrates for over 30 years, meat and fat is unhealthy! But why is the man still getting sicker? Fat is to blame for the high cholesterol! It is known that it is not fat, but for many years many carbohydrates. What diabetics know that blueberries taste not only delicious, they are also good for our health. Long proven they have in treating diarrhea. Now, new research has shown that the blue Berry who may also have a positive effect for overweight diabetes risk candidates because it improves insulin sensitivity and so can help to prevent a type-2 diabetes.

For example, endurance sports (approximately 3 times the week of 45 minutes) reduces blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Low carb lowers also the blood sugar levels and blood pressure. A diabetic, and also all the other sick, should learn not only about taking their medications, but make a genre, and also thinking about an alternative treatment. Company information: Jutta Schutz (writer/author, journalist, psychologist, Lecturer) writes books that inspire, motivate and provide special insider knowledge.


Cost effective pro biotic offers opportunities In the gut of every single one of us more microorganisms than there are people in the world living. No one knows exactly how many there are. Researchers estimate that have settled over 500 different species of bacteria in our intestines and live there peacefully with us. Many billions of these single-celled organisms together form the physiological intestinal flora, a community, which is of vital importance for us. Members of the physiological intestinal flora provide us with vitamins, energy, life devices, promote our defense forces and help in the digestive process. As long as at least, are the individual micro-organisms in the gut in a balanced proportion. It must be but not always. The harmonious relationship of microorganisms is among themselves, damaging germs can spread and oust the useful members of the intestinal flora.

Then, the physiological intestinal flora can no longer fulfill their tasks and can cause damage in the gut, which is by Diarrhea, bloating, intestinal spasms and inflammation can speak to chronic and malignant diseases. How to get it to a Dysbacteria and what the causes for the damage of the intestine are an imbalance of intestinal flora? Now, the main causes of the damage to the intestinal flora are finding in our modern life style. Stress associated with malnutrition and even medicines are often death for the beneficial intestinal bacteria. Now been suppressed harmful bacteria such as E.g. certain variants of E. coli take its place in the intestinal flora. Such variants of intestinal germ E. coli are able to significantly damage the intestinal mucosa by toxins.

Target a colon cleansing must therefore be, to suppress the harmful bacteria and to neutralist the toxins, which are also known as toxins, at the same time. This can be done with the medical yeast of Saccharomyces boulevard. Researchers from various countries that have demonstrated in studies. With capsules, the the Probiotic contained, could reduce the number of harmful E. coli bacteria in the intestine to 98% after already 5-day revenue. But now, what about the toxins? Also here there are reassuring findings. Researchers could show that S. is boulardii able, active against bacteria toxins to proceed and render them harmless. The medical yeast of Saccharomyces boulardii is thus ideally suited to bring the damaged intestine flora because their causes (E. coli) as well as the consequences (toxins) with natural remedies to combat back in the balance. after biotic comes in three very affordable pack sizes.

Free Nose Due To Nasal Spray

What you should know about the nasal spray and how it can help you nasal spray, a subject many myths in itself bears. What you should know about nasal spray and how it can help you, whether it really addictive, you learn in this post on the topic: free nose thanks nasal spray. Especially in the cold season, the nose runs a constantly. But in the spring, it is not better for many. Sure you have wondered sometimes, what you can do, so that the nose is released and remains. We want to show you in this post How does nasal spray and how it can help you to breathe freely. Effect nose spray how exactly does nasal spray at a clogged nose? Is cortisone nasal spray included thus not to recommend? Nasal spray contains active ingredients that ensure that the nasal mucosa can swell up. In addition, nasal spray helps the nasal mucosa is humidified and cleaned.

Even if painkilling off nasal spray including cleanses and moisturises the mucous membrane, you should never take it for prophylaxis. Here the situation is not like other medical AIDS, such as deposits, which you can also contribute to the prevention. Quick, you can become dependent on nasal spray. We will go later dwell on. Want to clean the nasal mucosa or wet, you should rely on nasal spray with sea salt. This contains no substances that can make. Nasal spray painkilling off is really only then, if you have an acute infection.

The myth that all decongestant nasal sprays containing cortisone is just to say that this is not the case. You’d get nasal spray with cortisone prescribed by your physician. If you’re still unsure, ask your pharmacist! Side effects when taking nasal spray come we to another important point on the subject of nasal spray: what side effects can occur when taking nasal spray? Basically, many side effects can occur. If you suffer an intolerance of certain active ingredients, go no risk and talk to your doctor. Otherwise it rarely side effects when taking nasal spray, if you use it correctly. The decisive criterion for the use of nasal spray is the duration of the application. Take nasal spray no longer as 10 days, because the body otherwise accustomed to the active ingredient and can be so addictive. If you have still have a stuffy nose after a 10-day dose of nasal sprays, you go to the doctor so he can help you. Conclusion nasal spray is so fundamentally safe, if you follow the given instructions to the revenue of the nose sprays. Especially in the cold season, you should access rather nasal spray to sea salt, if you constantly the nose. Have an infection, you can take also painkilling off nasal spray. We wish you a free nose.