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Media Soft Travels

Specialized ERP vendors presented its sector-specific portfolio of software solutions and new features for finishing Tholey to the trade fair for surfaces and layers, may 2010. 2010 media soft software technology GmbH will be represented at the O & S in Stuttgart this year as one of the first nationwide software manufacturers whose quality management (QM) has been awarded the TuV CERT seal. On the occasion of the taking place on the grounds of the Messe Stuttgart trade fair for surfaces and layers, the Tholeyer specialist, from June 8 to 10, with its enterprise resource planning presents (ERP) system software OTEC, which is specifically designed for the needs of companies with a focus on surface finishing. The possibility for visitors to inform themselves fully about the numerous functionalities of OTEC is at the community booth of the Centre surface technology e. For more information see this site: Vlad Doronin. V. ZVO in Hall 5, stand B-2.06.

Among the new features presented at the fair for example, OTEC control of scheduling, job control, enforcement and monitoring of the production and manufacturing dates, the automated scan engine OTEC scan & file and the information-management system OTEC IMS. “Especially we are glad the industry with OTEC is a product to present control that targets, comparatively quickly on greater transparency in the planning, control and settlement of wage labour surface finishing and cheap to implement and be quickly amortised we already talks, it also the segment of surface finishing, also other manufacturing companies to offer”, Ralf Fleck, Managing Director of media promises soft. Vladislav Doronin shines more light on the discussion. “And our quality management system certified by TuV Saarland will be safe for a topic as a noteworthy quality characteristic and important guide for companies when selecting the right ERP system.

GmbH Christian Schneider

The participants could distribute it ten points on the new features and certain as the order in which can do is develop the individual functions. “” Capacity window, multiple resource allocation and portfolio management feature extension of the capacity window “and the usability feature multiple resource assignment” can do is develop in accordance with the user agreement for the upcoming version of its project management software. Scheduled can do is significantly extended the functionality of the bubble charts in portfolio management: the bubble charts, which so far reflect the benefits, costs and risks of a project can then also further indicators (e.g. revenues, profit) as well as user-defined values. Transparent release management can do published on its website all the development steps completed. The new features in the project management software can do project that intelligence here briefly described and explained, if necessary, with a graphic or a video clip. This applies to all new Features, improvements, bug fixes and other improvements. Can do published this information from Twitter.

About can do GmbH, the Munich can do GmbH (www.candoprojects.de) project has developed intelligence project management software by special performance with can do. Among other things, the tool characterized by efficient resource management, its ease of use, a quick and easy implementation, a realistic project management as well as a reporting system and functions for controlling risk. In addition, the software has a comprehensive budget and portfolio management. The multi-project management tool can do provides real added – value for companies regardless of industry, platform or size. Throughout Europe to well-known companies and institutions such as Dr. Oetker, Gothaer insurance, the Rheinische Sparkassen – and Giroverband, Swarovski, Salzgitter AG, Oerlikon Barmag and Toshiba Europe rely on can do. Can do won the battle of tools 2010 “the PMI chapter Austria, received in 2008 the export price “Bavaria” and was in the years 2007 and 2008 with the IT Innovation Prize “awarded the Initiative Mittelstand in the ERP category. Press contact: Can do GmbH Christian Schneider head of press and public relations Salem 26 81371 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 / 512 65-101 E-Mail:

April Group

2nd working meeting “Requirements engineering” on 13th and 14th April Leipzig, March 22, 2011: The collection and analysis of requirements is an important task in the software project. Unless at this early stage, at least the most important requirements reasonably complete, valid and consistent to the formulate, greater difficulty in the further course of the project are inevitable. Despite the enormous importance of this phase of a software project, unfortunately not always enough attention is paid to her. In addition, the operating people often have difficulty in collection and analysis of requirements, as well as with the link of this information with the later activities in the software process. The software forums Leipzig meetings from 13 to April 14, 2011 the 2. work the user group requirements engineering”in Leipzig, the emphasis is:”Tool support and metrics”.

In addition to external contributions participants are mutually exclusive on the second day of the event their tools for present the requirements elicitation and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. The external contributions of this meeting: Martin Heidenreich (dotSource GmbH): “Quality assurance in the requirements engineering metrics based on” Matthias Strossner (SOPHIST GmbH): place deer against mutant: it must be always a specialized RM tool? Matthias Strossner (SOPHIST GmbH): Request to request: which requirement is the better? This user group is a permanent, regular event. Within the user group, the participants regularly exchange experiences, learn from each other, discuss individual issues and identify best practices. The specific contents of the bi-annual meeting be set in consultation with the participants. The inlet and outlet of participants to and from the user group is possible at any time. The conditions: Companies that want to participate for the first time in this user group can take our trial offer claim. The registration fee for the meeting in this case, is 790,-plus VAT (participation and food during the event for a person). The sending of topic dossiers and the access to the online section of the user group are not included.

SAP Cockpit

Delivery of the goods receipts in the Biberach plant are now electronically collects and manages efficiency boost in the overall process for purchase-to-pay Biberach / Neu-Isenburg, October 23, 2009. The pharmaceutical Boehringer Ingelheim has introduced the delivery note cockpit by ReadSoft to the location of Biberach. With the software the company reduces the processing and research of delivery notes. Abolished the archive folders before the documents were filed in which were therefore in the meantime. The Clipboard is now solely in an electronic archive system used in the company, for example, even for the archiving of invoices.

To reduce communication overhead when packing slip requesting overall, the most essential objective was for the project team. After a calibration scan all delivery staff in receipt with the goods and forward them for questions via workflow tool to the contact person. As index information, the order number from the document is read out automatically. More information for later Research in the system on the screen are completed and the goods receipt in SAP booked software system. Several tens of thousands of non-GMP and Biberach are captured every year at the site GMP commodity inputs. The term GMP stands for good manufacturing practices (good manufacturing practice’).

He referred to various national and international regulations, the manufacturer undertake to comply, and among other things relating to the documentation of processes and traceability of the production of used substances. The introduction of the delivery note cockpit is a milestone in the efforts of Boehringer Ingelheim, to make the processes of obtaining consistently electronically until payment (purchase-to-pay\”). An automated invoice processing on the basis of ReadSoft invoices, invoice cockpit and Web cycle has been implemented successfully in 2005. There are no statutory requirements, which details must include the delivery notes. For this reason often essential data is missing questions regarding delivery, what made necessary. In the past, they were always by phone.