At each traditional cuisine has a great influence home, then there is a place where we take to cook. In Ukraine, as such has long been closed fireplace – “varista shch”, which in the cooking of the country hitherto dominated by such methods as boiling, stewing and baking. It is known that the Cossacks, killing wild game, cooked out of it yushku, not roasted on a spit, that would seem easier and faster. With features cooking courses related to Ukrainian identity of the local dishes. Local lady is still brewed in Kazanka frying pan using a special kind, for the subsequent fire is low pottery – all sorts of Glechik, bowls, cups, Makitra.

In As the national Ukrainian cuisine has developed quite late, only to the XIX century. Before the culinary preferences of Ukrainians hardly differed from those that were characteristic of their neighbors – the Poles and Belarusians. B the national cuisine of Ukrainians You can find much of what other people are rich, not only the neighboring and friendly. Thus, the method of processing foods in hot oil, or, in Ukrainian, smazhennya, Ukrainians, borrowed from the Tatars. From Germany to Ukraine minced meat has passed, and from Hungary – sharp paprika. In the legendary dumplings you can see the similarity with the Turkish dish dyush-Vara. At the same time, “basurmanskie” eggplant Ukrainians did not take long, but eventually settled down and they are.

It has long been a national tradition included the use of pork as a main food raw materials. It can even be considered “national” sign of Ukrainian cuisine. Beef in the food consumed is much less, considering it too tight and lean. In addition, the oxen in Ukraine for centuries and have been working the cattle, and reliable transport, because the knife did not go, and their meat was considered not very clean, not to mention the fact that the taste of the “soft pork” much nicer. It is no coincidence in Lutsk can see the monument to a pig, saved the Ukraine during the Mongol invasion. That was when the Ukrainians began to use the pork, making them the edge was not plundered “basurmanami,” and people could not only survive but evolve into a nation. Today Ukrainians – original people, generous and open-famous, including its cuisine, some dishes which, for example, soup and dumplings, now considered to be international. The site recipes are widely represented Ukrainian cuisine at its best traditions. Here you will find a wide variety of Ukrainian cuisine recipes to your taste.