Location and personnel investment in customer relationships Frankfurt am Main, May 13, 2009 the targas AG, specialist in the marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises, increase the number of own, directly controlled subsidiaries to customer care on six. In early May the targas broker Office at the location Karlsruhe has recorded the work. The opening goes hand in hand with the expansion of staff at other locations. Targas AG subsidiaries of the network should go in the course of the year 2009. After Berlin, Bremen, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Hannover, the targas AG now also in the South West with an own Office and in-house brokers is represented. The approximately 45 business broker in these locations serve retail clients, qualify and looking for more suitable buyer, lead preliminary talks, leading company visits and coordinate the completion phase. The nationwide twelve partners remain continue to be involved in these activities.

Establishing its own offices and staff is an investment in our Customer relations”, explains targas Board Member Herbert Hechler. In taking care of customers and buyers, we achieve a better networking and better results. We support this process since the beginning of the year in addition through a central mandate-controlling.” To achieve a balanced distribution of its own sites regional, completed Hechler, be provided in the course of the year more offices for North and South Germany. Matthias Vogel