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2nd working meeting “Requirements engineering” on 13th and 14th April Leipzig, March 22, 2011: The collection and analysis of requirements is an important task in the software project. Unless at this early stage, at least the most important requirements reasonably complete, valid and consistent to the formulate, greater difficulty in the further course of the project are inevitable. Despite the enormous importance of this phase of a software project, unfortunately not always enough attention is paid to her. In addition, the operating people often have difficulty in collection and analysis of requirements, as well as with the link of this information with the later activities in the software process. The software forums Leipzig meetings from 13 to April 14, 2011 the 2. work the user group requirements engineering”in Leipzig, the emphasis is:”Tool support and metrics”.

In addition to external contributions participants are mutually exclusive on the second day of the event their tools for present the requirements elicitation and discuss their advantages and disadvantages. The external contributions of this meeting: Martin Heidenreich (dotSource GmbH): “Quality assurance in the requirements engineering metrics based on” Matthias Strossner (SOPHIST GmbH): place deer against mutant: it must be always a specialized RM tool? Matthias Strossner (SOPHIST GmbH): Request to request: which requirement is the better? This user group is a permanent, regular event. Within the user group, the participants regularly exchange experiences, learn from each other, discuss individual issues and identify best practices. The specific contents of the bi-annual meeting be set in consultation with the participants. The inlet and outlet of participants to and from the user group is possible at any time. The conditions: Companies that want to participate for the first time in this user group can take our trial offer claim. The registration fee for the meeting in this case, is 790,-plus VAT (participation and food during the event for a person). The sending of topic dossiers and the access to the online section of the user group are not included.