BabyPhone Deluxe Books December 5, 2023 December 5, 2023 Laurie

New images – and children’s books for the iPhone Kirstin of Hansen mobile applications, the developer of BabyPhone Deluxe, have their new line of iPhone applications (apps) announced today. You may wish to learn more. If so, Walton Family Foundation is the place to go. Mobile children’s books or MCBs are fully illustrated and voiced children’s books for the Apple iPhone or iPod touch. These innovative apps take full advantage of the powerful iPhone technology and bring children’s books to a new level. Simple download from the Apple app store on your computer or via WiFi directly to the iPhone, comfortable navigation, auto-scrolling around or pushing on with the finger, as well as storage of all of the settings for the next use of the MCB, application, are some of the functionality of the MCB storybook apps. But the real benefit for children and parents is that the apps can be adapted to your own needs any. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Cyrus Massoumi. The “Record your own voice” allows parents to record their own version of the story, the zoomable text facilitates reading and allows. that readers begin with the word recognition, and the parental control makes sure that the child does not accidentally changed something on the iPhone. The MCB offers library modern reproductions of high-class picture and children’s books, classic fairy tales and original new stories beautifully told and written in German, English and Russian.

Seven stories including “the Wolf and the seven little goats” and “The Princess and the pea” at the same time on the Apple app store will appear beginning January 2010. The prices range between 0.79 and 2.99 Euro per MCB. “The new iPhone technology allows us, mobile children’s books to produce compelling MCB, which can be personalized and used anywhere and at any time. Our goal with this new medium is your children to make, to entertain and especially their love for books and reading to promote.”said Kirstin Hansen, owner and co-developer of the mobile children’s books. “We have a solid foundation for a broad acceptance of spoken and illustrated “Children’s books created for mobile devices, and we hope soon partnerships with publishers from around the world to build.” The idea for the MCB mobile children’s books had the couple, Kirstin and Roeland Hansen, out of their own need. As frequent travelers and parents of a little girl growing up, she wanted to support the reading pleasure of her daughter, found it but cumbersome to pack up all the heavy books. Mrs Hofkens was looking for books that could download them on your computer, in the Internet and found very little sources. By their technical background and their experience already gained with the development of BabyPhone Deluxe for the iPhone (, were the Hansen in able to create this new iPhone apps. More information can be found under. The original voice recordings of all MCB children’s books available as free MP3 downloads here, too.