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Recognised costs of an immunobiological defense cancer disease costs for alternative treatments were so far only then exceptional burden acknowledged, if the therapy for the cure or relief is demonstrably necessary and promising an other treatment not or hardly any success. The federal financial judges have abandoned this narrow point of view also. Therapy costs may be deducted even if there is a disease with an only limited life expectancy, which no longer responds to curative treatment and the ill for a biomedical or naturopathic perspective unrecognized curative method decides. In these cases, the charges not because of medical necessity are inevitably, but due to the hopelessness of the situation, which requires the “grip at any straw”. So expenses for ukrain immunobiological cancer immune therapy may be considered to E.g. in tumor patients exceptional loads, although neither in Germany nor in other European countries as a medicine is approved.

Medical expenses reduce the tax burden disease costs cause but only to the extent a tax reduction as they exceed the reasonable burden on its own. The amount of reasonable equity load depends on income, marital status and number of children. A childless single with revenues of EUR 30,000 has E.g. a reasonable exposure to equity of 1,800 EUR (6% * EUR 30,000). When a married couple with three children and income of EUR 60,000, the reasonable equity load is only 1,200 EUR (2% * EUR 60,000). Tip Future medical expenses will be deductible in many cases to a greater extent. If the IRS does not recognize expenses for alternative therapies, or due to missing evidence as exceptional loads, should be appeal referring to the changed law of the German. Please contact us! We are ready help.