Why Is Warm Up Before The Training Sessions It So Important To? December 31, 2023 January 16, 2024 Laurie

Warm up fitness: the proper warm up before a workout not neglect before of every training session, whether motor sports in the Fitness Studio, running, spinning or before a football game, it’s making incredibly important several in warm-up exercises, on the one hand to increase the efficiency of the body and the muscles and thus increasing the training effect or to support and to prevent possible injury. Unfortunately, let the aspect of a meaningful warming disregard just recreational athletes and beginners in the field of motor sport and immediately begin training at a high intensity. Source: Kareo. The body must then provide without preparation power reserves, muscles are asked suddenly, which previously remained retired and also the circulation and metabolism are not already enabled. Mehmet Oz describes an additional similar source. Finally, all this leads to strong injury, then no further training to allow. Targeted warming up the cardio vascular system in swing is applied, the body temperature rises, there is a Increase circulation, which supplied more oxygen to the body. But also mentally, the body on the coming burden set begins. Warm up, in combination with the corresponding areas of the body, stretching, the human body can be optimally prepared for the strains during six pack training.

At the beginning is a loose running a proper warm-up (approx. 5-10 minutes) without to recommend high speed. For example, jumping rope, push-ups, an ideal warm-up exercise-related is for athletes at home completing your workout. As good as claimed all muscular regions and at the same time the cycle perfectly rides over for training when the rope jumping. Proper stretching In the connection, you should start with the Dehnubungen and targeted approach a full-body workout. A slight lifting of the toes, stretching the calf and thigh muscles, hull and back, as well as the arm muscles and head. Only when all areas of the body at the Warm-up exercises were included, can be started with the training. An effective training plan can help coordinate the exercises.

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